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The Luck Catchers Story

Welcome to LuckCatchers.com!  Everyone has a story to tell, here is mine.

My name is Francine D’Antuono, a fine artist specializing in equine art.  In 2006, my husband, Rich, and I  built our dream home in Boyds, Maryland.   While exploring the bridle trails of upper Montgomery County, I picked up a rusty old horseshoe and hung it in my husband’s wood shop where it stayed for years just gathering dust.  One day, I happened to notice that old horseshoe and thought it needed a better place to live.  After giving it a good scrubbing, I decided to dress it up a little.  Playing around with materials I had in my art studio, I was pleased to see this rather ordinary object transform into a piece of art using jewelers wire, rawhide, a silver pendant and some stone beads. I then hung the newly decorated shoe on our kitchen wall, kissed my husband and wished him luck as he left for his Saturday evening poker game.

The next morning, I awoke to find Rich’s wallet on the kitchen counter stuffed with over $1,200 and above it  hung the pretty dressed up horseshoe.  Could it be the horseshoe?  Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but it seemed Rich certainly caught some luck that day!

So the Luck Catchers were born.  Several farriers have been supplying me with used horseshoes that I have been repurposing since the fall of 2010.  Each shoe is one of a kind creation, individually hand-tied.  I make no guarantees of winning the lottery but hey, you never know.  I can promise you how nice one will look hanging on your door or wall.



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